Winemaking Center – NOW OPEN

No space to make your wine at home? Well now for 40$ Atelier Biere et Vin, with your participation can ferment your wine kits at our site!

How does it work?


Pass by our store and select your wine kit, fill out a simple contract, and square off your bill (an extra fee of 40$ and taxes will be added to the price of your kit for the onsite service).


Now the fun begins, we head to the back of the shop, we prepare your mix and you add the yeast. Then we part our ways for 4 to 8 weeks pending on your kit.


Once the wine is stabilized and filtered we contact you and setup a bottling date. Present yourself at the store on bottling day with your clean bottles and use our equipment to bottle. Once the bottling has been completed you leave with the wine and store it at home. Labels, shrink caps, and corks are not included in the price.

A staff member will always be there to assist you!

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