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Just in time for summer!

All Twisted Mist kits are in store. Grab one for the summer.

All the ingredients and equipment you’ll need for home brewing and winemaking in a single place – Atelier Bière et Vin of course!

Specials this month

Atelier Bière & Vin

Wine and beer enthusiasts at heart, our team has over 38 years combined experience in home wine making and brewing. In our shop you will find all types wine and beer yeasts (liquid and dry). Carboys, fermenters, hydrometers, bottles, corks, all kinds of malts and a lot more. You will also have someone to guide you in your fermenting adventures. Come visit us to understand why we have been open for so long!

Just check out our Google reviews.

Winemaking Center

The Atelier Bière & Vin Winemaking Center is a place where our clients can make their own wine with the help of experienced winemakers. You choose the wine kit, start the fermentation process, and the center provides the equipment and guidance throughout. They monitor the wine’s progress, help with bottling, and then you can take the wine home to enjoy. It’s a great way to learn about winemaking and create personalized wines without needing your own equipment.

Select your wine kit

Pass by our store and select your wine kit, fill out a simple contract, and square off your bill (an extra fee of 40$ and taxes will be added to the price of your kit for the onsite service).

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You add the yeast

Now the fun begins, we head to the back of the shop, we prepare your mix and you add the yeast. Then we part our ways for 4 to 8 weeks pending on your kit.


Once the wine is stabilized and filtered we contact you and setup a bottling date. Present yourself at the store on bottling day with your clean bottles and use our equipment to bottle. Once the bottling has been completed you leave with the wine and store it at home. Labels, shrink caps, and corks are not included in the price.

A staff member will always be there to assist you!

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Find the right product for you!

How to Properly Clean and Sanitize Your Wine Making Equipment

Proper cleaning and sanitizing of wine making equipment is essential to maintain the quality and integrity of your wine. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the process.

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